Technology is always advancing and it’s no different within the scooter/bike world, you will always see new technology bring out amazing advancements.

So we done a bit of research and found a self balancing scooter……yes you heard right and self balancing scooter.

I mean, it sounds great an all but self balancing on a scooter that you balance on, how does that work?

Ok so the self balancing electric scooter balances when you have folded it up, you can wheel it along on the front wheel and it will self balance makint it easier to transport around when not in use. I mean how many people do you see pushing their folded scooter?
An electric scooter is meant to be ridden on, not folded and pushed, it’s a great gimmick but I just can’t see it being a popular selling point unless you are going to fold it and push it more than actually riding it.

This one is called the Mantour X, it does have a nice little display showing the speed and battery life and there is also a bright light on the front to light up your way in those dark evenings.
The Mantour X is super light yet extremely strong and durable. Its pedal board is made of carbon fiber, which is 35% lighter than aluminum alloy and four times stronger than steel.

The electric scooter can be lifted easily with just one hand which makes it ideal for all members of the family every day.