Z4 21-Speed Folding Electric Mountain Bike 26″ – White




The Z4 is our top of the range e-bike featuring front and rear adjustable suspension, folding aluminium frame with patented safety lock and 21 speed Shimano gearbox.

Like the Z6 this is a fully capable mountain bike but this one has the benefit of being able to be folded up for convenient storage and transport. As the frame can be folded it means the lithium battery can be stored inside keeping it safe and dry.
During the week take advantage of the electric power system to nip around at a fraction of the cost of a car or motorbike and then at the weekend hit the trail for some off road fun.
The brushless motor has plenty of power and will push the bike to the UK maximum legal speed of 25KM/H making it totally road legal. The intelligent throttle system makes operation very easy. Just select how much help you want from the electric system using the easy selector, start pedaling and the motor will assist. Alternatively use the twist throttle to engage the motor like using a motorbike.

Other features include kick stand, battery life indicator, and rust resistant chain.


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