Get more exercise on the Standup Scooter/Bike

Every so often we do like to do a bit of research to find the weird and wonderful in the scooter world.

Our research took us to this standup bike, it’s certainly different to the usual scooters.

there are 4 differnt styles of powering your Standup Bike, they are:

  • Kicking only with your legs (alike common kick scooters)
  • Only with your arms
  • Only with your right or left arm Kicking with one leg plus right arm or plus left arm or plus both arms
  • With the arms you can switch between alternate and synchron style during the ride

The Scooter/Bike is foldable so can easily be stored away when not in use, nothing worse than tripping over a scooter in the hallway. 🙂

They claim:

“Standup Biking exercises your whole body. Besides your legs you also exercise your arms, chest, shoulders, back and torso. The impact on the fitness and the physique is correspondent high.
You move from A to B and you practically have your own gym with you. Simple and effective, especially as it gets”.

I won’t give to much away, to see the scooter/bike yourself of if you would like to back the project you can visit it HERE.

Let us know what you think, it’s not the type of scooter for those wanting an easy ride and you probably wont get to 60mph.

If you want a workout on the way to your destination then thisis the one for you.