E-Scooter Rules

What is an e-scooter? Electrical scooters (also known as e-scooters) come under the category of “powered transporters”. This also covers a range of other personal transport devices which are powered by a motor. Are e scooters legeal in the UK, they are but on private land, however you can hire these in London and variousRead More

Which Scooter Compression System?

What is Scooter Compression? Scooter Compression is the way in which your bars, forks and deck are all attached together on your scooter. The three most popular types of scooter compression systems are: HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) SCS (Standard Compression System) ICS (Internal Compression System) What the different types of compression do: All Compression systemsRead More

Scooters for the “Big Kids”

You heard right, scooters aren’t just for kids. Believe it or not just the other day I saw an adult on a adults scooter, yes an adult scooter. I had to do some research as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then it dawned on me, why shouldn’t adults have a scooter, have bitRead More

Which Stunt Scooter

Ok so you are after a stunt scooter, but which one do you go for. There are so many different types out there it can be a minefield. Things you have to think about: Price Wheels Bearings Handle Bars Deck Grips So as you can see it’s no just about the colour! The price isRead More