Scooters for the “Big Kids”

You heard right, scooters aren’t just for kids.

Believe it or not just the other day I saw an adult on a adults scooter, yes an adult scooter.

I had to do some research as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Then it dawned on me, why shouldn’t adults have a scooter, have bit of fun and enjoyment with their kids.
Ok so maybe leave the half pipe out!

So lets take a look at a few of what available:-

Frenzy 215mm Recreational Scooter

The Frenzy is a great piece of this this folds up and has a strap so if your out and about on it when you get to your destination you can actually carry it rather than wheeling it around, thats a plus in my eyes, and when you get back home you can just fold it up and store it out the way taking up less room than a non-foldable scooter. The wheels are 215mm and made from premium urethane as standard giving a smoother, faster ride.

The handle bars are height adjustable giving you a more comfortable ride, nothing worse than having handle bars to low and being crouched over. So as your whizzing down the street how do you stop these things, well on the back wheel you may notice what looks like a mud guard, this is infact your brake, just push down on it with your foot and hey presto you will start to slow down.

So the 215 scooter is from £129.95 and you can get yours from HERE 


Swifty One Mk3 Folding Commuter Scooter

So this is the breed of adult scooter.

On the swift one scooter you will notice the bigger wheels, this is designed for scooting around town and will be a much smoother scoot. Again this scooter is foldable so is ideal if you haven’t got much room in your home, the scooter can be folded in less than 5 seconds.

You will probably notice that this scooter has got a front brake as well as a back brake giving you more stopping power than ever, the handlebars are adjustable allowing for a more comfortable scoot.

The Swifty One is a tad bit more expensive at £598.95 but you are getting more for your money.


Obviously if your down with the kids then the Frenzy 215 will be more appealing and rad but if your going for commuting then the Swifty One will be ideal.